How many times have we heard that this or that is 'good' or 'bad for you', then to hear the exact opposite years or months later? The label 'healthy food' is surely a moving target.

In any case, our cooking follows general advice (for example, Dr. Andrew Weil's guidelines called "The Anti-Inflammatory Diet") that has remained nutritionally sound over the years:
  • reducing the amounts of fat, and replacing animal fat, trans fats and polyunsaturated oils, with extra virgin olive or organic canola and sunflower oils.
  • reducing the amounts of sugar, and replacing refined sugar with healthier, low glycemic-index sweeteners, such as agave, maple, or brown rice syrup.
  • replacing animal protein with soy-based protein, such as tofu, or miso.
  • using regional, organic, and fresh fruits and vegetables, instead of exotic, or often pesticide-laden produce, as recommended by the Environmental Working Group.
  • replacing wheat flour with rice, oat, and spelt flour, in order to accommodate for reduced gluten diets.
  • using only vegan ingredients, because this is simply a better choice for our planet.

And what can we say about the taste of our "goodies"? Of course we are biased, but we honestly think that they are absolutely delicious and original! Our many regular customers have used terms like 'sweet', 'crunchy', 'fresh', 'creative', 'yummy', 'great combination'!

You'll have to try them for yourself!